Embark on the Path of Gaming to Explore the Unknown
Embark on the Path of Gaming
to Explore the Unknown
An upcoming soulslike ARPG game in development.
Rooted in traditional Eastern culture, infused with visual elements from the Cthulhu mythos, it brings to life the chaotic and dark late Ming Dynasty era.

Founded in 2016, Leenzee (Chengdu Lingze Technology Co., Ltd.) has long been dedicated to the harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and a humanistic spirit.

We prioritize original product creation as the core of our development, putting players and our core values first. We strive to deliver higher quality console and VR games for players from our truest intentions. With a reservoir of technical talent including outstanding game creators, designers, engineers, artists, as well as professional writers, film directors, and musicians, we collaborate with numerous global partners to present elevated standards of quality games to both domestic and international markets.

Based in Chengdu, we are driven by a collective mission to create extraordinary and diverse works that showcase the allure of Eastern history and culture, delivering an exceptional gaming experience for players far and wide.

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